12 November 2010

The roar of Asia

In the recent publication of Time Magazine under Global Business section, Writer Neel Chowdhury has put the new perspectives on Asia's globalization. Big players like US, EU and Japan are leveled with Asia having China as the "big-brother" leading the export and import trade rose 44% within Asia country in 2003. Big bankers are turning head and putting extra care toward Asia region, new strategies and new division specifically handle Asia and its trade partners. It's not a new trend since old school almost always recycle itself. The 70's fashion made a come back so is the "Silk Road". This article inputs also included the recent signed export rice deal between Cambodia and China. Read the story online or the 15th November 2010 Time issue.

08 November 2010

YPO and IBC joined luncheon

Today held Young President Organization coordinated with International Business Club and AmCham- American Chamber in Cambodia invited President from over the world to have a join luncheon with the local business communities in Cambodia. The speech by Ambassador Carol A. Rodley mention the recently celebrated 60 years tied between Cambodia and America. The past years America Government spent 70 million on Health, Education, Economic and so on helping Cambodia's society. Ambassador Rodley also mention the recent visit of Secretary State Hillery Clinton to Cambodia the first time and how surprised she was to see the young generation of Cambodian wanting to be apart of the world both economic and political. Ambassador also go on with the recent break through for Cambodia receiving award in Washington on fastest improvement for HIV and one of the first LDC to join WTO. HE Sok Sophana also joined the luncheon.

29 October 2010

Visit to JETRO HCM

Our first CAM SEZ Association visit to promote Cambodia SEZ through JETRO and Taiwan Association HCM