19 March 2009

Cambodian Competing in Jessup Competition

For the first time that Cambodian Law students joining the 50th year of the Jessup competition which will be held in United State in Washington where more than 500 law schools from 80 countries will compete. "The competition is a mock trial of two fictional countries before the United Nations' International Court of Justice" noted in Phnom Penh Post. The participants are Piseth Panha, Soy Kimsan, Sreng Nearirath, Khun Sonita and Vireak Thirith who are trained by Zachary Lampell and Shona Grandy.

This is just the beginning of Cambodian young generation stepping stone into the International World of Education. I'm sure that other sectors will follow. Either win or not this team represent a show case to the world that WE'RE READY.

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