03 June 2009


Opening Remark was made by Mr. Sohn Kyung Shik, Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Keynote Speech follows by President Lee Myung Bak of Republic of Korea. President Lee very much encourage trading ASEAN-KOREA trading specially during this hard time. He highlighted the theme of this summit, mutual trust and turning challenges into opportunity. President Lee gave out 3 main points: I) Increase trade/investment, stopping TRADE BARRIERS to boost ASEAN-KOREA to 100billion by 2015. II) Culture exchange and Tourism. III) Strengthen GREEN GROWTH. Prior to the summit, President LEE held a private meeting with ASEAN top CEO including our Chairwoman Madam Lim. Cambodia's Prime Minister also held a private meeting between Korean top companies and his cabinet on how to attract more Korean investors into Cambodia. There were 9 Korean companies joining the meeting.
Conclusion, this summit is to enhance ASEAN-KOREAN relationship specially at this down time.

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  1. Hello, can you list the name of all the members from the second picture? who are the two ladies in that picture?