22 July 2009

Trip to Border Koh Kong

If your weekend trip is short and looking for adventure getaway, try taking road trip from Phnom Penh city up to Koh Kong boarder (need Thai visa to cross if you're Cambodian passport holder) take about 3.5 hours. The road condition is superb and there's no traffic jam or whatsoever.

When you arrive fill up Departure form and get to Cambodian immigration. After walking over the boarder line 100 meter, you enter Trat of Thailand, go through Thai immigration then hire a van (there's no taxi) to get a ride to bus station.

Trat holds access to Koh Chang, Thailand second largest island after Phuket. You can visit the island for outdoor activities and you don't have to wear shoes if don't feel like to. The island is full of foreigners but not too commercialize as Phuket. The boat ride take 1 hour one way cost about 220Baht. At the Bus station, you pay about $10USD to get to main street of Bangkok (like Sukumvit Rd.)The Bus stop is very convenient it drops at BTS station where you can continuous to your destination around Bangkok.

The overall experience is very fun and it can get really interesting if you're in a group or even as a couple. Comparing to Road trip to Vietnam, HCM, it is as convenient but bit higher cost.

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